DroneShield at Eurosatory 2022

DroneGun MKIII, RfPatrol, and DroneGun Tactical (Left to Right)

DroneShield (ASX: DRO) is an Australian company engaging in the design, manufacture, and sale of Electronic Counter Drone equipment. They have been operating since 2015.

The first experiments with Unmanned Ariel Vehicles were conducted by the Americans and Brits during the First World War. Israel developed and launched the “Mastiff” in 1973, the predecessor to the fixed wing UAVs in common use with militaries across the globe today. The first consumer UAV hit the market in 2010, the Parrot AR quadcopter done was accessible at 300 dollars but had a range limited to a WiFi signal and an extremely limited battery life. By 2015 DJI had developed the consumer quadcopter drone into more than just a party trick, they generated in 1 billion USD in revenue that year. With capable drones available to anyone and everyone, it was only a matter of time before they were used nefariously.

The emerging threat needed a solution and fast, enter DroneShield. With 5 employees in 2015, they recognized the threat early on and got to work on their first version of the Dronegun. The Dronegun exploits the main weakness of the a UAV, the control signal and GPS signal. By overpowering these signals, the threatening drone can be neutralized efficiently, quietly, and safely. DroneShield has developed their original DroneGun further into the highly capable, lightweight, and polished DroneGun Tactical.

The DroneGun Tactical at Eurosatory 2022.

The capability of neutralizing threat is not enough, identifying the threat is the first step. At the man-portable level is the RfPatrol passive wearable detection device. The DroneSentry and DroneSentry X are DroneShield’s 2 in 1 “Detect and Defeat devices” for areas and vehicles, respectively. DroneSentry-C2 is the scalable software suite to manage, monitor, and record the operation of all DronShield products.

As technology becomes more capable and accessible, bad actors will exploit these advancements for evil. What can we do to stop it? Drone threats range from a simple nuisance in the least serve cases, to invasions of privacy, and even delivery of attacks in the most severe cases. DroneShield’s detect and defeat technologies are the off the shelf adaptable solution to safely and efficiently survey for and neutralize these threats.