BE Meyers at Eurosatory 2022 – bringing M2 Browning into the 21st century

BE Meyers at Eurosatory 2022

MK18 with MAWL-C1+ and legacy flashhider .

BE Meyers is a US manufacturer of laser systems, illumination systems, firearms mounting solutions, and other defense system accessories. Their primary market is military and law enforcement.

BE Meyers offers two commercial-spec small arms illumination systems: the KIJI Infrared pointer and the MAWL-C1+ Infrared illuminator and IR/Visible pointer combo. 

A word on flashiders for night operations, and when will the 5.56 flash hiders return to market? 

An efficient flash hider is essential when operating small arms in conjunction with night vision and nighttime lasers, the unmoderated flash from a muzzle is simply too visibly disruptive. Unfortunately for clone builders, BE Meyers 5.56 flash hiders will not be returning to the market. The patent for the design was sold to JP industries. As I understand, JP had a very similar design but could not bring it to market until the patent was secured from BE Meyers. While it is too bad we cannot purchase a new BE Meyers flash hider to pair with either of their 2 commercial spec laser aiming devices, JP industries, Smith Enterprise, Surefire, and White Sound Defense offer some competitive alternatives worth exploring.

Bringing the Browning 1918 M2 .50 BMG machine gun into the 21st century 

The M2 Browning has been in US military service since 1933.

The M2 Browning, in US military service since 1933, must be adapted to meet the current demand for use with night vision, infrared laser aiming, and optics. The BE Meyers .50 BMG flash hiders efficiently reduce visible signature without affecting the operation of the action or cyclic rate of the M2’s short recoil system. One particularly unique and interesting feature I learned about their new .50 BMG flash hider was the toolless installation: the flash hider self attaches after hand tightening by redirecting the blast energy to turn the whole muzzle device into the threads, in a very similar manner to the GSL Technology “SWAT 5” 5,56 mm direct thread suppressor. I later discovered that Greg Latka of GSL Technology has indeed played a role in the design of this flash hider.

The flash hider is a necessary companion to their M2 optic and laser mount system, the BOARS M2. The BOARS, standing for BE Meyers Optics And Rail System, it is a two part system with a base and a quick detachable tri rail (a single body with one top rail and two side rails). The rail system is mounted to the base with American Defense Manufacturing QD levers. Not unlike LaRue Tactical’s optic mounts, BOARS M2 is designed to retain zero when removed and reattached. There is a space below the main rail for the operator to aim through the original iron sights during the daylight hours. The BOARS features a profile lower than any competing M2 optic mounts, this empowers the operator to keep their head lower and therefore remain better protected. This mount is suitable for lasers, scopes, holographic sights, cameras, and anything else the mission could necessitate mounting on an M2 Browning. The unique benefits of the BOARS M2 Mount in conjunction with their 50 BMG flash hider makes the BE Meyers system the optimal off the shelf choice to bring the tried and true Browning M2 Heavy machine gun into the 21st century, meeting the demands of today’s day and night warfare missions.